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USB 1-in-1 TableMike

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The entry-level model for hands-free dictation with good comfort and accuracy. It only allows for Normal range dictation of about 25 cm / 10". It does not support very Long-range dictation (50 cm / 20") like the other two models.

Fully flexible and very long (42 cm / 16.5") boom. Hands-free dictation with maximum comfort and accuracy, uncommon of most other microphones. Unique optional accesories, like a Foot pedal and a Dynamic microphone boom for exceedengly noisy environments, also available.

The TableMikes have been recognized as the Best microphone with “4.5 mice” by the leading American magazine MacWorld US. The German MacWelt explicitly highlighted the excellent accuracy of the TableMikes with Dragon, along with the amazing freedom of movement during dictation.

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  • GOOD performance, grey color, driverless plug & play, USB Desktop mike for hands-free dictation (Windows & MacOS)
  • All flexible DETACHABLE long boom (42 cm / 16.5"). Optimum placement, easy exchange (for Dynamic one) and portability
  • NORMAL range (about 20 cm / 8") of the mic tip with a distinctive Blue LED
  • Proprietary VoiceMatic audio chipset for VOICE input self-adjusting (AGC), equalization (SQ) and instant no latency transcription
  • Supports 44.1, 48 Khz with 16 bits sample rates

Front panel

  • Four (4) PRESSURE sensitive control buttons
  • Volume Up and Down buttons for external speaker or headset connected in the audio outputs
  • Industry-first Push-to-Lock (PTL) button to control the Dragon mic icon (sends once the NumKey+ hot key) and other applications

Back panel

  • Standard 3.5 mm audio input. Disables the microphone boom when connected. Allows to connect a headset with mic in very noisy environments
  • Standard 3.5 mm headphone port for audio monitoring or playback
  • SPECIAL port for optional Foot pedal mic control
  • Standard USB Type-C port for the 240 cm / 95" USB cable but with a ferrite FILTER. Additional interference protection


  • DYNAMIC boom for dictation in exceedingly high noisy environments
  • FOOT pedal mic control

Leading references

  • BEST in class “5 Dragons” certification by Nuance
  • Many RAVING reviews MacWorld, MacWelt, etc.)

USB Desktop mike with Cardioid, flexible and DETACHEABLE long boom (42 cm - 16.5″). Optimum placement, easier removal, portability and eventual exchange (optional Dynamic boom for maximum noise rejection)

✓ Normal range (25 cm / 8"), self-adjusting voice input (AGC) with equalization (SQ), provides GOOD quality, instant and no latency transcription

✓ Ideal for Speech recognition with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dolbey Fusion Narrate as well as any Voice recording applications

✓ Full duplex (simultaneous audio in and out) and High Definition (HD) Voice over IP (VoIP), make it great for telephony, calls and video conferencing like Skype, Slack, Google Meet, Teams, Zoom

Optional Foot pedal mic control and Dynamic boom for exceedingly high noise environments, like public places, open offices, hospitals, etc. Unique in this price range!


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