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World's first Desktop microphone to attach to a Keyboard or Monitor. Identical performance as the award-winning USB 1-in-1 TableMike with the included USB Adapter.

Sports only Normal range (20 cm / 8") dictation, but with a rather long (20 cm / 8") and fully flexible microphone boom. Smallest possible portable format.

Three (3) working modes for maximum flexibility at this price range, as specified in the Uses & Benefits section below.

-> Check the User Guide for further details

  • Smallest, lightest, most portable and innovative mini Desktop microphone to attach to any keyboard or PC monitor
  • Long (20 cm / 8") flexible and detachable microphone boom for precise consistent positioning
  • Includes the SpeechWare USB Adapter with two 3.5 mm ports for Mic-In and Speaker-out
  • Same microphone capsule as the TableMike for high performance
  • Special USB male to female 90 degrees fixed angle elbow
    connector to keep the USB Adapter in a upright position when plugged to a laptop
  • Special 90 degrees fixed angle audio connector
  • Certified USB 2.0 to USB Type-C converter for MacBooks and latest Windows laptops
  • Velcro sticker to affix the microphone in keyboard or the back of a monitor
  • Spare windshield (color may change)
  • Rigid elegant case for easy storage and transport. 

Three (3) working modes for maximum flexibility at this price range:

  • Attached to a keyboard with a bundled velcro (and hence the name)
  • Attached to the back of any monitor, with the velcro and special 90 degrees audio connector for proper support
  • Connected to any USB port (standard or Type-C) of a laptop with the special USB
    90 degrees connector and, eventually, also the 90 degrees audio one.

Great for Speech recognition, calls and video conferencing!

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