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USB KeyboardMike Plus

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World's smallest Desktop mike for laptops or notebooks. Identical performance as the TableMikes. Normal (20 cm / 8") and Long-range (50 cm / 20") dictation. Smallest format in a brand new category of portable microphones.

The crucial advantages of the propietary VoiceMatic chipset inside the USB MultiAdapter (namely Speech Equalization - EQ and Automatic Gain Control - AGC) are crucial for perfect speech recognition with Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Fusion Narrate.

In fact, keeping always the same dictation distance is not important any more. As you move away, the KeyboardMike Plus automatically increases its volume and vice versa!

Three (3) working modes for maximum flexibility, as specified in the Uses & Benefits section below.

-> Check the User Guide for further details

  • Smallest, lightest, most portable and innovative mini Desktop microphone to attach to any keyboard or PC monitor
  • Long (20 cm / 8") flexible and detachable microphone boom for precise consistent positioning
  • Includes the SpeechWare USB MultiAdapter with two 3.5 mm ports for Mic-In and Speaker-out
  • Same microphone capsule as the TableMike for high performance
  • Special USB male to female 90 degrees fixed angle elbow
    connector to keep the USB Adapter in a upright position when plugged to a
  • Special 90 degrees fixed angle audio connector
  • Certified USB 2.0 to USB Type-C converter for MacBooks and latest Windows laptops
  • Velcro sticker to affix the microphone in keyboard or the back of a monitor
  • Spare windshield (color may change)

Rigid, small, elegant case for easy storage and transport. 

Three (3) working modes for maximum flexibility:

  • Attached to a keyboard with a bundled velcro (and hence the name)
  • Attached to the back of any monitor, with the velcro and special 90 degrees audio connector for proper support
  • Connected to any USB port (standard or Type-C) of a laptop with the special USB 90 degrees connector and, eventually, also the 90 degrees audio one.

Great for Speech recognition, calls and video conferencing!