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SpeechWare TwistMike
SpeechWare TwistMike
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SpeechWare TwistMike

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The longest and most flexible speech microphone available in the market. It offers:

  • Superior Dragon recognition accuracy with its large cardioid capsule, when using the optional USB Adapter for close range dictation --or any other good USB microphone adapter
  • Extremely long and flexible gooseneck boom, ensuring the consistent positioning of the capsule
  • Great portability.

Besides, it can be purchased with the also optional USB MultiAdapter. Featuring the same VoiceMatic V10 audio chipset than the TableMike, it offers both close and long-range dictation with:

  • Identical performance as the award-winning TableMike 
  • Superior accuracy for people with very low voice or disabilities.

Main Features

  • Longest (75 cm - 30″) and most flexible microphone for speech available in the market
  • Mini-XLR audio connector, compatible with any TableMike base and transforming it in the longest available desktop microphone (check pictures)
  • Proprietary detachable clamp.

Please note that this item does not include the USB MultiAdapter, as also shown in the pictures as an example. Another more economic option for only close range dictation (up to 10 - 15 cm) is the USB Adapter.

Uses & benefits

Four (4) working modes, providing amazing flexibility:

  • Attached to a table, wheelchair or even monitor, with the detachable proprietary clamp
  • Wind on top of any flat surface or desk
  • Around the shoulders
  • Directly plug on top of any TableMike base with the mini-XLR connector, to get the world's longest microphone as shown in the last picture!

Great for Speech recognition, calls and video conferencing!

System requirements

  • Plug & play Windows® 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista® / XP® / 2000, MacOS® X and most Linux versions, without additional sound drivers
  • Compatible with and ideal for Dragon, Apple Voice Control, Microsoft Speech for Windows, Google Speech, Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc.


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