VoiceMatic V10

SpeechWare has been hard working on its innovative award-winning microphones with the VoiceMatic V10 audio chipset for speech recognition and other voice related applications, well over 10 years by now.
Human voice significantly deteriorates with distance and ambient noise. This is why all speech recognition editors strongly recommend a good headset or hand-held microphone for rather uncomfortable close-range dictation...
But, think twice, what about if you pick-up and process only human speech with a proprietary audio chipset providing powerful Digital Sound Processing (DSP), Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Speech Equalization (EQ) for maximum noise rejection, high and low noise filtering and exceptional voice enhancement or speech clarity? Minimal dictation distance and background noise are not relevant factors for fast processing, no latency and maximum accuracy anymore!
This combination of DSP, EQ & AGC provides our USB microphones and Audio adapters with Self adjusting input and delivers instant, no latency transcription with very high recognition accuracy from 10 cm to 50 cm (4″ to 20″) or more, comparable to that of the best very close-range headsets or hand-held devices available in the market.
Besides, our proprietary chipset allow us to provide software hotkey support, like the new Push to Lock - PTL and Push to Talk - PTT buttons for Dragon of the USB TableMike 1-in-1 and 3-in-1 models --the other ones from beginning of 2022.

Thanks to our technology, featured in our USB microphones and Adapters, a professional user will even be able to dictate perfectly nearby the Niagara Falls --while keeping both hands free, not having to recharge or wear anything. What an amazing change!

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