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Dragon Web Training

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With more than 15 years of experience in this field and specially with Dragon Professional, get our deep insider view, valuable knowledge and expert tips for own your individual needs.

We will teach you all you need in English, French or Spanish, during 1 hour face-to-face individual webinar and according to your way of work and wishes.

You set the agenda!

This Dragon Expert Guidance service includes: 

  • Explaining the Dragon Professional configuration settings to choose the best for you
  • Sharing our best Dragon dictation tips for your maximum comfort and performance
  • Most needed Voice commands for correction, editing and formating with Dragon
  • Eventual creation of an invidual customized vocabulary for Dragon using your own documents for maximum possible accuracy, etc.

Explain or identify your problems and needs with us.

We will have you fully covered and make you much more productive with Dragon dictation!