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The TravelMike is essentially a miniature version of SpeechWare's larger microphones, and it's aimed at businesses looking for a small, lightweight solution for voice dictation. You could even say that the TravelMike is a smaller, cheaper alternative to the much more expensive tabletop dictation microphones.

It connects directly to your computer via USB rather than through Bluetooth or NFC. This allows the device to work seamlessly with most popular operating systems, such as Windows 10 and macOS. In addition, it doesn't require drivers or software installation, making setup quick and easy. 

Once connected, the TravelMike automatically detects itself and installs SpeechWare's free app, which is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows 7/8/10. Once installed, the TravelMike becomes a virtual microphone, allowing you to dictate text messages and emails without having to hold down a button on your keyboard.

The TravelMike features everything that makes the larger Speechware microphones great, including auto gain control and auto equalization. These tools allow you to focus on dictating while minimizing background noise. If you're working in a noisy environment, the TravelMike offers a Noise Reduction feature that lets you adjust the volume level based on the ambient noise around you.

The TravelMike also supports the full range of SpeechWare's dictation capabilities, including Speed Dial, Text Replacement, and Voice Control. With the latter, you can use your voice to navigate Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby.

The SpeechWare USB Travel Mike features a professional equalizer that compensates for different room acoustics and ambient noise.

The TravelMike is a great product for those looking for a small, lightweight, and cheaper alternative to SpeechWare's larger microphones. It offers the same quality of dictation as the more expensive microphones but at a fraction of the price. In addition, it's easy to set up and use, and it's compatible with both Mac and PC.

The USB TravelMike is a great, small, and light desk microphone that is easy-to-use and affordable. You can now buy them online.

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