USB Microphone Hub

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The USB TravelMike is a tiny little device that packs a big punch and is the perfect companion for those times when you're out and about, whether traveling or working away from home. 

The USB TravelMike is a small, lightweight handheld device with a surprisingly powerful feature set. It's the perfect tool for taking notes during meetings and conferences, transcribing recorded lectures and tutorials, and recording quick audio interviews.

You might think that the TravelMike isn't worth considering if you're looking for something small enough to fit in your pocket. But there are quite a few reasons why people buy travel mics, especially those who want to dictate documents or emails. For example, many travelers don't want to carry around bulky microphones, or worry about running out of power, or having to charge their devices every night.

And since the TravelMike is relatively compact, it's easy to take along with you wherever you go.

With its compact size, you can carry it wherever you go. In addition, its unique design allows you to use it with both hands without having to hold it in place.

Its special pivoting, detachable and interchangeable snub-nose microphone capsule features the same high-quality microphone capsule as the original Speechware microphones. So, it offers the same sound quality as the original product.

In addition, it includes the SpeechWare USB Multi Adapter featuring the VoiceMatic® V10 audio chip of the award-winning TableMike. This ensures stable operation.

Furthermore, the multi-adapter is equipped with a handy 4 ports USB hub, which provides convenient access to multiple devices, including printers, scanners, cameras and flash drives.

For those looking for ways to improve their workflow, the USB TravelMike makes it easy to record audio files while traveling without worrying about carrying bulky equipment.

The USB TravelMike is an extremely versatile and user-friendly device that is perfect for anyone who needs to take notes or transcribe recorded speeches and lectures. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport, and it has a wide range of features that make it an essential tool for business travelers and students.

The USB TravelMike is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a portable, easy-to-use and affordable alternative to larger, heavier more expensive options.

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