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Dynamic mic for any TableMike

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  • Dynamic capsule in a fully flexible and exchangeable 42 cm - 16.5" boom for even higher noise rejection
  • Ideal for exceedingly noisy environments, like public events, open offices, hospitals, etc. 
  • Also for dictation while hearing music at high volume!
  • Set the microphone to Green LED and dictate within 5 to 10 cm from its tip
  • Best performance with the 6-in-1 model
  • High performance, basic and plug & play USB Desktop microphone in grey color
  • Industry first Push-to-Lock (PTL) button to switch On/Off the Dragon microphone icon (sends the NumKey+ hotkey)
  • User configurable Volume buttons with the free of charge TableMike Config utility (download)
  • Normal dictation range of about 20 cm of the microphone tip 
  • Very high, instant and no latency recognition accuracy
  • All flexible, detachable and exchangeable long boom (42 cm - 16.5″) for optimum placement, easier removal, portability and storage
  • Foot pedal support for microphone control, which must be purchased apart as an accessory
  • Standard 3.5 mm port for audio output on the back panel
  • Standard 240 cm / 95" USB Type C cable, but with a ferrite filter for additional protection against interferences
  • Best in class “5 Dragons” certification by Nuance.

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