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Voice Dictation USB Microphone

The TravelMike is a compact and versatile desktop microphone for voice dictations. It is one of the most affordable options on the market today. The TravelMike outperforms the better-known brands on the market today. The USB TravelMike is a small, lightweight, easy-to-carry, and highly portable desktop microphone for voice recording, dictation, and note taking. You can speak naturally to dictate notes into the microphone.The USB TravelMike features a high-sensitivity mic that captures voices clearly while the noise reduction system ensures that background sounds are minimized. The TravelMike connects easily via a USB cable and takes just seconds to set up. It is also compatible with Windows operating systems.SpeechWare USB Multiport AdapterThis adapter connects the TabletMike to your computer via a single...

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Text To Speech To Microphone

The USB TravelMike is a small, lightweight, easy-to-use, portable desktop microphone for voice recording. It is designed specifically for people looking to improve their speech recognition software without buying a whole new system.With the USB TravelMike you can record audio directly into your computer via the included USB cable. This allows you to easily access the files later. The TravelMike is essentially a miniature version of the larger TableMike, with the exception of size. This makes it ideal for those looking for something small enough to carry around while traveling, especially since you don't need to worry about carrying extra batteries or power adapters.In addition to being small, the TravelMike is very lightweight.When used with Dragon Dictate, the TravelMike provides high-quality...

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Voice Recognition Microphone

The USB TravelMike is a tiny little device that packs a big punch. Its compact size makes it perfect for traveling, whether on a plane, train, or just taking a trip somewhere without access to a desk. And thanks to its high-quality digital audio input, the TravelMike provides excellent sound quality for voice dictation. So whether you're recording yourself speaking into the mike, or someone else talking into it, the TravelMike delivers clear, crisp audio, making it easy to capture everything you say. The TravelMike lets you record conversations easily, wherever you are, and gives you a good level of confidence when transcribing what people say. You'll find that the TravelMike is equally effective when used in noisy environments, like restaurants,...

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