SpeechWare USB TravelMike
SpeechWare USB TravelMike
SpeechWare USB TravelMike
SpeechWare USB TravelMike

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SpeechWare USB TravelMike

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Identical performance as the award-winning TableMikes but in the smallest possible portable format. The combined effect of the industry first ‘Speech Equaliser (EQ)’ and the ‘Automatic Gain Control (AGC)’ or Amplifier integrated in our VoiceMatic V10 chipset is crucially important for speech in general and Dragon® in particular. In fact, keeping always the same dictation distance to the microphone is not so important any more: as you move away, our TravelMike automatically increases its volume and vice versa...

Additionally, human voice never maintain a steady volume level so even the latest version of Dragon has to make an educated guess. This may affect accuracy while adding noticeable latency. This essential input microphone problem is fully solved with the aforementioned hardware technology.

Beware of all those general purpose audio devices not built for speech recognition or poorly designed. They promise a high degree of background noise rejection at the expense of a noticeable latency and loss or drop out in your voice spectrum. Also, of most Bluetooth wireless devices which constantly emit radiation nearby your brains and are not even capable of handling human voice overtones!…

Main features

  • Smallest, lightest, most portable and innovative mini Desktop microphone for notebooks and tablets in the market
  • Pivoting, detachable and exchangeable snub-nosed (7.5 cm - 3″) microphone (the so called TabletMike)
  • Includes the USB MultiAdapter featuring the SpeechWare VoiceMatic V10 audio chipset of the the award-winning TableMike
  • Same microphone capsule as the TableMike for identical performance
  • Special USB male to female 90 degrees fixed angle connector to keep the USB MultiAdapter in a upright position when plugged to a laptop
  • Practical 17 cm long USB cable extension
  • Certified USB 2.0 to USB Type-C converter for MacBooks and latest Windows laptops
  • Spare windshield (color may change)
  • Rigid elegant case for easy storage and transport. 

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